Enter in the spreadsheet how many activities you will aim to complete in each of the four weeks of January.

Activities can be running, cycling or swimming.  Run Fantastic have also added ‘other activities’ that you may want to do, these could be yoga classes, walks, spin classes or anything that you want to commit to.

January activities have to be entered by 09:00 Monday, January 8th.



In February, you again select how many activities you are going to commit to, but this time for each week you need to specify how long your longest run, cycle or swim is going to be.  This option is not available for the ‘other activities’.

February activities have to be entered by 09:00 Monday, February 6th.



In March, again select in the same way that you did in February, and in addition enter a target time for an activity. This can for example be a PB at parkrun or a race, or just a timed effort in one of your chosen activities.

March activities are to be entered by 09:00 Monday, 6th March. Your target time can be adjusted during March. The adjustment concession is to enable you to make it more challenging if you have achieved your target time easier than anticipated rather than adjusting it to suit a time that you have already achieved (only kidding yourself!! J ).


How Points Are Earned

January    –  

4 points each week for completing the month’s activities.                  Total 16 points.

February  –  

4 points each week for completing the month’s activities.

5 points each week for completing the distance targets.                    Total 36 points.

March  –  

4 points each week for completing the month’s activities.

5 points each week for completing the distance targets.

12 points for completing the timed target.                                                 Total 48 points.

.                                                                                                                       Maximum 100 points for the events.

This is all honesty based. There is no mechanism for dealing with ‘sandbagging’ or claiming activities that were not done. We just ask that everyone is honest with themselves and their fellow competitors.


How to use the Spreadsheet

Using the link to the Google Document and password that you will be given on registering for Run Fantastic, Click on your team, then your name and this will open up your part of the spreadsheet.

Enter your targets onto the cells for the month. You only have to use the cells that are in white under each activity.

When you have completed activities enter these into the relevant cells.

The points awarded will be automatically calculated and the results will automatically be posted on the website.


If you have to miss any activities because of injury, illness, weather or life gets in the way, you can use a joker twice in the three months period. This will account for half the points you would have earned for that activity. The joker is not available for distance or timed points.

If you have any questions at all just post them onto the Conkers Runfantastic Facebook page and you will get an answer back.

Example for January below


We will have a series of Badges that can be earned during the three months. Ainslea is ‘Princess Badge Lady’ and will be dishing them out for a number of reasons that only Ainslea currently knows. This may become clear over the next few days.

New for 2018!

As the very talented, appreciated and busy J.C. is looking for a spreadsheet wizard to replace him as Director of All Things Spreadsheety, two exciting news rules have been added, these being…..


  1. Nobody shall complain about the spreadsheets.
  2. Nobody shall question the spreadsheets.



  1. In the event of Rule being broken, said breaker shall take on the full responsibility for and of the spreadsheets until the next volunteer/complainer/questioner breaks Rule
  2. This rule is non negotiable.